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        At the end of the report, the home cloud gains design of China's most authoritative award: red star award!!!!!

        At present, the mobile Internet has entered a new stage of development, with a relatively stable technical framework and a shift in industrial logic towards new technology reserve and refined operation. Mobile computing communication chip and mobile operating system are still the key directions of technological innovation. The integration of 5g chip, artificial intelligence and operating system has become a hot spot.

        1、 The development of mobile Internet technology is mature, and the industry tide has entered a new stage

        Mobile Internet technology architecture is stable, and native operating system is still the main technology. Since its early development, mobile Internet has formed a close coupling technology architecture system of cloud tube end, which has been mature and upgraded for many years. First, the cloud side technology basically continues from the Internet, but the data resources are more diversified; the traditional Internet service categories still constitute the application service main body, and location-based and o2o categories are the highlights. Second, the tube side technology forms the pattern of 3G / 4G mobile communication network global support and Wi Fi hot spot supplement. 5g technology tends to mature and gradually becomes commercial. Third, the primary operating system of the end-to-side technology is still the main line, which realizes the application on the upper side and manages the hardware on the lower side.

        The wave of mobile Internet continues to enter a new stage of development. First, the scale of mobile Internet industry continues to take the lead. The scale of mobile Internet industry is more than 12 trillion yuan, far exceeding the total scale of the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence industries. The number of intelligent machines in the world exceeds 2.8 billion, which is still the largest entry-level computing platform. Second, the space is still vast, the penetration rate of mobile Internet users is only 42.6%, and there is still a large demographic dividend in emerging countries; mobile applications and mobile traffic will still maintain a high-speed growth trend in the future, and the potential of application and traffic value tapping will be intensified. Third, strong growth momentum, steady growth of global intelligent machine shipments, and accelerated popularization of new terminals such as smart wear and VR / ar. Fourth, the long-term technological evolution, the innovation of computing communication, storage sensing, input and output devices, and the evolution of 5g communication network technology will drive the leaping development of terminals, networks, applications, etc.

        The logic of mobile Internet industry turns to new technology reserve and refined operation. First, the industrial pattern has become stable, the core intelligent terminal industry pattern leading the industrial development has become stable, the entry threshold has been greatly increased, the competition has become global and white hot, and the industry reshuffle has been intensified; mobile application innovation and competition have evolved into the competition between giant enterprises. Second, the integration and innovation are intensified, and the intelligent machine plays the role of control center in the application scenarios of the Internet of things; a large number of artificial intelligence technologies are introduced into the intelligent machine, such as intelligent personal assistant, increased battery life, intelligent audio, etc., which will become the largest platform of artificial intelligence; big data and artificial intelligence technologies provide support for the realization of intelligent applications.

        Mobile Internet technology has been internalized and its influence has been magnified, and leverage effect has promoted the fission growth of industrial value. The integration of intelligent terminals, broadband networks, mobile applications and traditional industries has constantly created new possibilities, giving birth to various rich application services such as mobile navigation, mobile games, mobile taxi, mobile office, etc. The mobile Internet has experienced three stages: first, "ecological reconstruction + Internet pattern change", innovation of personal mobile, convenient access, perception / video, location service, social platform, mobile payment, single easy-to-use and other functional features, providing 10 times more opportunities than the era of desktop computer. The second is "industrial expansion + replacement of traditional fields", the integration of mobile Internet and more fields of life and production, and the innovation of service mode and industrial form. Third, "cross border + segmentation + intelligence + tapping more potential value", the industry boundary is more blurred, and the value of mobile Internet industry continues to expand.

        Diversified integration promotes sustainable innovation of industrial ecology, and technological evolution still contains great changes. First, the operating system providers and software application service providers work together to realize data sharing and data linkage between the application layer and the business layer. The second is the integration of offline products, brands, social elements and online data, platforms, experiences and values, so as to achieve efficient transmission, accurate mining and create a new business form. Third, the evolution of mobile Internet still contains great vitality of technological innovation, among which continuous technological upgrading includes process upgrading, architecture innovation, resolution improvement, data processing capacity growth, sensor intelligence, etc.; disruptive technological changes include special intelligent application chips tightly coupled with specific algorithms, communication power devices based on material and device innovation , 5g chip, new display, artificial intelligence chip, etc.

        2、 5g leads the technological change of mobile chip, and OS seeks the balance between opening and closing

        5g high frequency application promotes the change of mobile chip. 5g spectrum includes low frequency band below 6GHz and high frequency band above 6GHz. High frequency application promotes systematic innovation of mobile chip in design, manufacturing, packaging and other fields. In the aspect of design, the requirement of baseband high-speed parallel processing ability is greatly improved, 5g bandwidth is required to be more than 800m, the working frequency is about 1GHz, and the working frequency is only about twice of the sampling rate, which puts forward higher requirements for baseband high-speed parallel processing ability. In terms of manufacturing process, advanced semiconductor manufacturing process needs to be continuously upgraded to meet the needs of high-speed and low power consumption of 5g baseband. 5g terminal baseband chip is expected to be upgraded to 7Nm process node. In addition, special processes such as GaAs / GaN compound semiconductor process and saw / BAW manufacturing process need to be upgraded. 5g millimeter wave high-frequency communication will also promote silicon-based integration based on RF CMOS or germanium silicon The development of art and technology.

        Intel and Qualcomm launch an arms race around 5g terminal baseband. Intel and Qualcomm accelerate product development around 5g terminal baseband chips. Intel released the industry leader at the 2017 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition
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